Invacare TDX Electric Wheelchair …

Posted on 11. Dec, 2010 by Mobility Aids in Mobility Aids

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16 Responses to “Invacare TDX Electric Wheelchair …”

  1. mdzura117

    11. Dec, 2010

    @SPKAATS I’m having the same problems with mine too, and my torque is up pretty high.


    11. Dec, 2010

    i have a tdx sp. it won’t go over thick hoses or up the curbs like they say it will.

  3. droopi3

    11. Dec, 2010

    i am unsure if to go with this or permobil. the permobil chairs on there website look really cool. i only hope they really do look like that if i get it. have a testdrive of the tdx for the weekend. hope they bring the permobil. chances are ima go with the tdx though.

  4. magman74

    11. Dec, 2010

    They start at 3 thousand i think. Mine has almost all the options. It retailed for 22 thousand. Man its worth it.

  5. westcredit

    11. Dec, 2010

    how much does it cost

  6. reedydavis

    11. Dec, 2010

    Get lost and consider yourself lucky. You can’t even spell wheelchair so maybe you need some other type of help

  7. psychedeliclown

    11. Dec, 2010

    i hope you get hit by a car :D


    11. Dec, 2010

    The chair used by Lincoln Rhyme….

  9. Blankfrack

    11. Dec, 2010

    This is a great chair. I had an X-Terra, which off-roaded like a Hummer, but the TDX is even better.

  10. SpinergyDude

    11. Dec, 2010

    GREAT VIDEO! I will make a Pormo on DNews now. :)

  11. ewboccia

    11. Dec, 2010

    does anyone know how much this chair would cost in the uk?

  12. alin0steglinski0

    11. Dec, 2010

    pizzcn stay away from these videos then…

    OcMobilityCenter good photo showcase :)

  13. tetranoob

    11. Dec, 2010

    Can the same chair both tilt and recline?

    I had the pleasure of trialing a tdx a few years ago and was very impressed.

  14. Pizzscn

    11. Dec, 2010

    Well, it’s a stinkin weelchair ad.

    who would care about a weelchair???

    except people who need them

  15. OcMobilityCenter

    11. Dec, 2010

    Why would it be strange ?
    Showing Proformance, Stability, Strengths, and Agility of a Electric Wheelchair is strange ……………..

  16. Pizzscn

    11. Dec, 2010

    very strange 4 u 2 post this